Our vision

We  Get It

As an early content journalist, Bert Lubbers wanted to know everything about technology and share that knowledge with the world. That’s why in 1987, at the forefront of the technology boom, he started what became the successful, Lubbers De Jong. From these roots and with Peter Keijzer’s creative influence, Lubbers De Jong continues to lead. We ‘get’ tech, we know what’s going on and what’s coming and how quickly the media landscape changes, along with which digital opportunities will best help you grow.

We Nurture You From Our Virtual Tech Cities

We know what’s going on. We live and breathe tech because we work from the most important tech hotspots in the world. We are a part of these tech-communities. We know ‘it’ sooner than you, but make sure that you know ‘it’ as soon as possible. And we interpret ‘it’ for you. We constantly ask: What will ‘it’ mean for you?

We Focus and Keep It Simple

We enjoy creating smart, goal-oriented strategies for your growth. We challenge you because we believe it will help to achieve the highest results. We embrace the experiment because that is how to learn the fastest. We make your vision concrete and we keep it simple.

We Aim for Your Growth

Planning is one thing, but the success of a smart PR and marketing strategy happens in the implementation. That requires disciplined action. That’s how we work. We ensure that everything stays on track. Actions are implemented. Intentions are followed up. We want to help you grow successfully and we are proud when we make it happen.

We Grow Along with You

We pride ourselves on being one of the best tech PR and marketing agencies in the field. The finest people in the industry enjoy working for us. They build a partnership with you and with a drive equal to that of Bert Lubbers, they continue to develop their craft. If you’re happy with our work, you tell others. That’s how we grow. In tandem we achieve solid results and a strong reputation for both of us.